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We are proud to present our newest Education webinar Series - EduTalks Powered by EFFISM, where we will discuss the latest trends, strategies, and opportunities that lie ahead for the education sector. Our topic of discussion for the very first education series would be 'The Way Ahead: The Future of Education Post COVID 19 Era'. Scheduled on 8th August @ 05:30 PM (UAE) and 07:00 PM (IST), the webinar will be hosted by Dr. Sohan Roy, Founder Chairman & CEO - Aries Group of Companies.
Our special guest for the session is Dr. Ajit K Nagpal, Chairman & Director General of Amity University. Dr. Nagpal is a graduate of All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Havard School of Public Health with preparation in medicine, hospital administration, and health policy and management. His principal interests include global and national health policy, financing of health services, regional health planning, and hospital development.
For further info, contact us at +91 9539003638 or drop your mails to kavitha.shyam@indywood.co.in